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Akansha Bhatnagar
06 Jul 2020
Search engine optimization (SEO) increases both the quality and volume of website traffic. It brings good brand exposure via unpaid, also termed as organic search engine outcomes. The terminology isn't only about the search engines itself but also about the people. It aids you to gain an...
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Omkar Khapare
19 Apr 2019
Machine learning applications can be seen all around the world. Whether they are re-marketing or re-targeting techniques, recommendation engines constantly tell you what to buy. Those who leverage machine learning’s functionalities are better able to market their products and services....
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Omkar Khapare
11 Jul 2019
Text classification is a smart way of classifying text into categories.  Using machine learning algorithms, you can automate these tasks to make the whole process faster.  The demand for this is really high and with the increasing amount of text being generated online, it’s...
Are You Stuck Behind a Desk All Day? You Need to Run!
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Nivedita Joshi
15 Nov 2018
NO! We absolutely don’t mean run from your desk job... What we mean is that if you’re like me and most other people who spend a considerable amount of time glued to their chairs working, then all of us need to dedicate at least 20 to 30 minutes every day to a physical activity. In my opinion...
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Omkar Khapare
18 Sep 2019
How do E-commerce websites advocate you through options such as ‘People also bought this’? OR  How do NETFLIX recommendations work? OR How Amazon uses ‘Frequently bought together’ algorithm to maximize sales? The answer is Recommendation Engine. The Recommendation Engine is a...
Revealing the Nitty-Gritty Details of Webcubator Technologies’ New Logo
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Omkar Khapare
24 Oct 2018
  In this post, we’ll take you through our new logo and branding in detail. 10 years ago, a student named Brian Chesky rented his air mattress one day and made cash. But do you know what he did next? He took that idea and built an empire. Today you know it as Airbnb!...
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Omkar Khapare
27 May 2019
Machine learning has its branches spread out in multiple domains.  Today, we are going to learn more about how it helps us gain qualitative insight into sentences. Practicing Named Entity Recognition in Python or any other respective language is a sophisticated process of extracting...
We are Excited to Announce Our Brand New Logo!
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Omkar Khapare
28 Aug 2018
It’s been a rush here at Webcubator Technologies the past few weeks. Days and weeks of planning have finally come together… And it’s now time for all of you to see what we’ve been working on. So, without further ado, we’re extremely happy and excited to unveil our fresh new logo!...
Local Development Server Setup for Drupal Startups
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Nitin Sareen
19 Jan 2015
Infra cost is understandably the most unavoidable and necessary ingredient for any Tech startup. Coming to terms with it initially is almost a shocker considering the amount of cost & manpower muscle the company needs to deploy. Shelling out such an exorbitant amount is not feasible for all, so...

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