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14 Tips For Work from Home To Practice During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Akansha Bhatnagar

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, most companies are operating from work from the home mode for their employees. 

Work from home comes with its independence and responsibilities. There are a few tips that would not only help employees in general but assist team leaders. 

This module of working has its perks to increase productivity, business continuity, balance in work & life, and performance. 

But, you need to tread carefully and not lose the zeal to work. Even the management of the work matters because if you are unable to do so, it will become a problem.  

Let's learn a few tips and standard practices for WFH.


14 Working From Home Pointers


1. Create A Steady Work Area

Select an area where you feel comfortable in working from home. 

It can be an extra room or your bedroom. It will also be helpful for your body posture to work on a table or a small table on your bed. 

Especially if you have to invest long hours daily. 


2. Stuff Essential For WFH

Everyone has a laptop or a desktop at home to work. 

If not, the company would have provided you with a device to continue your WFH. 

Also, it would help if you upgraded your internet plan to ensure hassle-free connectivity. 


3. Use Proper Furniture For Workstation

Furniture plays a vital role to continue the work effortlessly and maintain body posture. 

Use a table and chair suitable for a workstation if you have any. 

If not, then you can order comfortable office furniture if you are in the green zone. 


4. Complete Work Within Working Hours

It would be better for your physical health and personal life to complete your work within the working hours. 

There are distractions when you WFH, causing you to work for a longer time. 

You can decide on the hours that you are most productive and complete most of your work then. 


5. Control Work Edge

When you are WFH, your work is close to your personal life and can invade your home life. 

It is up to you to control the tendency to continue working after office hours. 

It is better to switch off your laptop after office hours to kick back and relax with your loved ones. 


6. Create To-Do List On Daily Basis 

When working from home always create a to-do list to keep track of your priorities, tasks, and deadlines to do throughout your workday. 

Begin your day by setting your preferences for the day. 

Stick to the list and maintain the focus to reach goals in the time limit. 


7. Usage Of Planner

Along with a to-do list, it will be more efficient to utilize a planner. 

It will help you keep track of appointments, deadlines, and meetings. 

You can use a planner to list all assignments and projects to operate effectively while working remotely. 


8. Stick to One Task Management App 

There are many task management apps to store or create to-do lists such as Asana, Freedcamp, Trello, and Basecamp. 

You can use any one of them to manage your tasks when working from home. 

These apps are compatible with both mobile and windows. 


9. Don't Work In Your Pyjamas

It might be the favourite aspect of work from home, but it will reduce your productivity level. 

When you dress up, it is the psychology that affects your mindset to get ready for work. 

You will be mentally prepared to complete your tasks effectively. 


10. Avoid Binging Or Watching Television

While WFH, you should always avoid binging on Netflix. 

You might not even realize how the habit of yours will catch up to you. 

Not only this but working in a room with television will hamper your work as well as productivity. 


11. Create a Routine In Morning & Follow It

A perk of WFH is not to get up early, get ready and travel to the office. 

Although you should not skip this routine entirely as to how you start the way affects your entire day's work. 

Always try to walk within your house or in your balcony for fresh air to break to monotony.


12. Regularly Exercise & Stretch To Be Active

Exercising helps you increase endorphins naturally, which will improve happiness and interest levels. 

It is essential for productivity, and continual stretching will assist you in maintaining posture. 

This habit of continuous exercise and stretching will improve your life quality


13. Eat Healthy Lunch & Snacks

Another perk is full kitchen access but do not binge on unhealthy options like pizza, cookies or chips. 

Although consuming nutritional snacks, fruits, and vegetables will improve productivity levels. 

It keeps you active and boosts work productivity. 


14. Take Short Breaks

While WFH, you might forget to take frequent breaks. 

The continuous work will put a strain on you hindering your productivity levels. 

It is essential to take breaks to relieve the work pressure and keep those creative juices flowing. 


Importance Of Working From Home For Business Continuity

Even before coronavirus hit the world, there was about 40% of companies providing positions for work from home. 

All company heads think about the way to maintain business continuity. 

During the current coronavirus pandemic, business continuity that's getting more hampered. 

Expanding the ways employees can work from other locations will help the businesses to deal with unforeseen situations. 

With the help of the remote workforce, employers can restrict the consequences of any disasters and continue company operations.