fbpx Know How AI Is Revolutionizing IT Service Management!

Know How AI Is Revolutionizing IT Service Management!

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Akansha Bhatnagar

Artificial intelligence is most likely assisting you and others in life at the moment, without you even realizing it. 

You use smart assistants powered by AI daily, such as social media feeds and rideshare apps. Furthermore, AI even autopilots our aeroplanes and at times delivers packages. 

There should be no astonishment that by this year a minimum of 1 in 5 employees from human resources to IT will be working alongside AI. 

Utilizing AI to book a ride is one thing, but designating AI for a mundane task is something else. Such misunderstandings around AI clouds its capability for the workplace. 

It will not be an understatement that the professionals will have twice the fear regarding the possibility of AI doing human jobs. This often intimidates professionals with the thought that AI can replace them instead of them focussing on its unprecedented abilities. 


How Does AI Assist the Human Workforce?

The World Economic Forum considers problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking as essential skills for the workforce. 

Humans possess these qualities that are essential even with the advancement of AI & automation.

AI technology will not replace the workforce as it cannot replicate the essential skillset. Although, it will expand human roles, streamline the process, and aid in task completion. 

As per Gartner CIO survey in 2019, "The number of enterprises implementing artificial intelligence grew 270% in the past four years." 

Yet to reduce the reluctance of employees isn't a simple task. With standard practices, organizations are now more focused on strategically deploying AI products for employees to expand their experience. 

According to Pulse Report 2019 on Artificial Intelligence implementation in IT service management (ITSM) among companies has seen a 62% rise. 


3  Ways The ITSM Uses AI

The most subtle way to introduce AI in organizations was through ITSM. The service desk boosted by AI enhances efficiency and on-time management of service.

It encourages both employees and technicians to feel associated and engaged in their service experience. 


1. Solution Suggestions

AI saves a notable amount of time by suggesting solutions to employees and technicians. 

Contemporary service management with the use of machine learning studies employee behaviour while interacting with the database to recognize the best solutions through recommended knowledgebase articles.

Through this process, it reduces some ticket submission and saves time of the technician to handle the complicated enterprise IT problems. 


3. Accurate Data

Practical realization of requests and ticket resolution is based on entire and correct data proving baffling for several companies. 

People raising the request aren't entirely aware of everything. Luckily, AI can immediately pinpoint the exact issue. For instance, it recommends a service catalogue form gathering all the relevant data for a request, preventing an incomplete ticket and following in a loop. 

An employee no longer has to speculate, in case their raised concerns come within applications or software implying that their ticket comes in the right hands the first time. 


3. Visibility

Gathering full and exact service data by the service desk gives IT companies immense clarity—this clarity aids in the growth from reactive and proactive service management. 

AI identifies patterns within the incidents and requests aiding to recognize and counter SLA breach. It also prepares leaders with data required to make significant alterations. 

It even correlates the point’s connected incidents to identify more vital issues providing your teamwork ahead of time in interacting and troubleshooting. 

AI helps service desk to provide seamless service every day. 



ITSM solutions with AI is just a small start when it comes to workplace effectiveness. With advancing, technology companies should start AI assimilation within their workforce to open the possibility of incredible opportunities in the technology. 

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