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Reading Documents Better With Machine Learning

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Omkar Khapare

Let me start with a simple example that everyone can relate - search engine. So, your search engine returns thousands of pages in response to your query, right? 

It is extremely difficult for the users to browse through those documents to identify any relevant information they are searching for.

In such a scenario, clustering is used to automatically group the documents into an array of meaningful categories.

Document clustering makes use of descriptors to create a cluster of documents such as a group of documents which are at least 3 years old.

According to IGI Global, “Document clustering is the organization of a large amount of text documents into a small number of meaningful clusters, where each cluster represents a specific topic.”

Applications of Document Clustering - 

  • Digital Library - 


It is a hassle to keep track of books in a library, although cards are maintained for each book and kept separated.

Digital library usually takes the form of vector representation where the book id is stored in an array and the corresponding ‘genre’ variable points out to that book.

However, it is a very complex process, given the librarian should be able to access such a system.

Thus, digital library based on document clustering is a much more feasible option, where books are clustered based on specific criteria such as age, number_of_pages, author, content, genre, and so on.

A Short Introduction To Text Classification

  • Human Resource Management - 

HR personnel can make use of document clustering to filter resumes based on specific criteria such as age, experience, and degrees, among others.

Consider a scenario where we require filtered resumes of candidates who have at least 2 years of work experience.

This is where Document Clustering comes in. It reduces the time required for this job, which in case carried out by a human, will take a considerable amount of time.

OR if you require resumes of candidates who are above 25 years of age. Consider it done with Document Clustering.

Do You Want To Implement Document Clustering As Well?

You have to come to the right place, with document clustering, you can halve your work and double your productivity and profit!

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