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How The World Uses Recommendation Engine?

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Omkar Khapare

How do E-commerce websites advocate you through options such as ‘People also bought this’?


How do NETFLIX recommendations work?


How Amazon uses ‘Frequently bought together’ algorithm to maximize sales?

The answer is Recommendation Engine.

The Recommendation Engine is a data-filtering algorithm that makes use of data to recommend the most relevant products or items to a particular user.

It is similar to a ‘Shop Helper’, who shows not only the concerned products but also the ones which you would like to purchase along with the previous one.

Types of Recommendation Engine - 

  1. Collaborative: 

This algorithm compares the different sets of user behaviours to make certain predictions.

  1. Content: 

This algorithm relies on the item description and user profile.

  1. Hybrid: 

It combines collaborative and content-based filtering.

Practical Applications of Recommendation Engine -

  1. For Restaurants - 

It is perplexing for an individual to decide which restaurant he/she must visit from a variety of restaurants present in the city.

This system adopts a user preference model by using the data collected from the user’s visited restaurants before, also data collection includes location of the user and restaurant to better predict favorable restaurants to the user in the future.

Also, such a system could be developed using online reviews.

Online reviews collected from Yelp, help decide which restaurant is most liked by a user and which one is least liked.

Once you have chosen an appropriate restaurant for yourself, the recommendation engine can also help you choose your menu. 

Along with food pairings, previous experiences and your likes/dislikes, the system decides which cuisine or meal can purely satisfy you.

  1. Recommended Products - 

Consider buying a bottle of shampoo online.

Have you ever noticed that the online E-commerce site recommends you conditioner or even hair oil along with that shampoo bottle?

Also, if you consider buying both of the above mentioned, still the site will recommend you even more products based on your purchase history.

Recommendation engine plays a vital role in marketing and sales, as it boosts online purchases by understanding user persona.

Conclusion - 

Now that you understand the importance of recommendation engine in your business portfolio, you can truly do wonders with it!

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