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A Short Introduction To Text Classification [For Beginners]

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Omkar Khapare

Text classification is a smart way of classifying text into categories. 

Using machine learning algorithms, you can automate these tasks to make the whole process faster. 

The demand for this is really high and with the increasing amount of text being generated online, it’s implementation becomes a priority in the machine learning industry.

Applications of Text Classification -

  • Spam filtering is one of the most successful applications of text classification technology. An incoming mail is categorized based on its content. 

  • Another real-life application for Text-Classification is Using Tags to help Google crawl your website for better readability and SEO. 

    1. Automating content tags on your website makes the user experience much better and helps standardize them. 

    2. Also, researchers can analyze the tags and keywords used by competitors.

    3. The crucial role of Text Classification here is to automate and speed up the process.

How Sentiment Analysis Can Help You With Customer Insight?

  • Recognizing Emergency Scenarios - Text Classification can be used to recognize emergency scenarios like the one shown below. 
    • The tweet below reads, “I am alone in a train with a bunch of creeps who are making comments at me. Not feeling safe, help me. I am in the tube going from the old street to Kennington.” 

  • Twitter will trigger a response action based on emergency scenarios like these to inform cops to reach her as soon as possible.

Conclusion - 

Stay tuned for more on Machine Learning and its applications in our next few blogs.

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