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Are You Stuck Behind a Desk All Day? You Need to Run!

Are You Stuck Behind a Desk All Day? You Need to Run!
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Nivedita Joshi

NO! We absolutely don’t mean run from your desk job...

What we mean is that if you’re like me and most other people who spend a considerable amount of time glued to their chairs working, then all of us need to dedicate at least 20 to 30 minutes every day to a physical activity.

In my opinion, running is the best option!

Believe me, I’ve already started it and you should too.

Here’s why...

We often fail to realize how being stuck to our chair all day affects us physically.

Mentioned below are some side effects of sitting all day

  1. Weak muscles

  2. Obesity

  3. Weak joints

  4. Poor blood and oxygen circulation


Experts say that the human body is shaped the way it is because it has evolved to be an extremely effective endurance runner.

This means a HUMAN is built to RUN!

The shape of the hips and feet, the length of the legs and the shock-absorbing spinal discs a human body has, along with the ability of the skin to sweat, makes it possible to run miles after miles.

Not only that, but running is also related to a lot of benefits for our body and brain.

Experts believe it is the closest thing to a miracle drug.

Last, but not the least,  the best way to do your daily cardio is running.

Furthermore, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) states that regular physical activity such as running helps you live longer.

Do you need more convincing now?

2 Major Benefits of Running

  1. It improves physical and mental health.

  2. It is a form of aerobic exercise which helps in reducing stress, improves heart health and helps alleviate symptoms of depression.

Well, this was enough to convince me to start running!

What about you?

Not convinced enough?

Read on…

5 Ways Running Enhances Your Physical Health

1 - Physically Strong Legs

The legs of a runner are a powerhouse.

Runners know how to put their legs to use on a track.

When you run your spine gets stabilized.

If you have a weak core, then you will have weak legs.

Also, leg workout stimulates some of the largest muscles in your body.

2 - Weight Control

Mega-calories are burnt when you run!

If you’ve seen some runners, you’ll see how lean they are.

Your metabolism increases when you run, which helps you control your weight.

You will feel extremely hungry after running but make sure you eat healthy and skip junk food.

3 - Increased Bone Density

Essential minerals are sent to your bones when you are under stress, which makes your bones stronger and that’s exactly what running does - stresses your bones.

However, this doesn’t mean that your legs are unbreakable.

4 - Increased Joint Strength and Stability

The strength of your ligament and tendons is increased when you run.

Your joints are able to take on more wear and tear and uneven terrain.

However, this doesn’t mean you will never sprain your legs.

It simply means that if you ever hurt your legs, you’ll be able to recover faster.

5 - Strengthens Your Lungs

The lung capacity increases for runners.

Therefore, runners develop strong lungs over the years.

This will help your body use oxygen more efficiently, resulting in stronger muscles.

These are the physical benefits of running, however, running can improve you psychologically too.

Interested in knowing how?

Wait for the next blog…

In the meantime, what did you think of this blog? Will you start running today?

Leave your comments below.