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Revealing the Nitty-Gritty Details of Webcubator Technologies’ New Logo

Revealing the Nitty-Gritty Details of Webcubator Technologies’ New Logo
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Omkar Khapare


In this post, we’ll take you through our new logo and branding in detail.

10 years ago, a student named Brian Chesky rented his air mattress one day and made cash.

But do you know what he did next?

He took that idea and built an empire.

Today you know it as Airbnb!

Similarly, our Managing Partners, Shakeel Chikodi, Santosh Kamble, and Nitin Sareen had an idea of creating a platform dedicated to deliver seamless web solutions and ensure unprecedented client rapport.

Thus, Webcubator Technologies was born!

Within no time, we grew to be one of the Top 25 startups in Maharashtra.

What better way to celebrate this success than providing ourselves with a new identity that will guide us for many more years to come.

Hence, we created a vibrant new logo that marks the beginning of a new chapter at Webcubator Technologies.

What's So Special About Our New Look?

Apart from a complete resurrection, we felt the need to go on board and introduce the concept of incubation in our logo, which marks our primitive attribute, through the literal depiction of an egg.

For laymen, incubation is the process of nurturing and keeping an egg warm to hatch.

That pretty much sums up the concept of nurturing minds to achieve common goals - what we do here at Webcubator!

The Designer's Kitchen

Our design team cooked up a first few sketch iterations...

They were pretty good.

But, what we had in mind wasn't a logo that was simply pleasing to the eyes, but also something that paid heed to the well-known designer's phrase, 'Form follows Function’.

As you’ll notice, our designers brainstormed different ideas to try and incorporate the egg in 'W'.

We weren't successful in the many first attempts. then we thought about reducing the lines in 'W', making it look more like a graphic image than an alphabet. 

So, we went from four lines in the character to a three-line graphic image.

'W' is a character which has no curves at all. 

The designers managed to take inspiration from the font type - serif, but at the same time making sure that it doesn’t become one.

Then, they eliminated all unnecessary additions that made our logo look like a character.

Thus, they were able to produce a graphic structure that they could actually work on.

The custom structure of the ‘W’ is minimalistic and clean.

It was challenging for our designers to come up with a version that sums up exactly what we wanted to say without the passive traits.

But at last, they did it!

Colour and Shape

It is universal, and a study conducted by YouGov concluded that blue is favored by all and at the same time unique and versatile as its shades mean a variety of things.

What do Different Shades of Blue Mean?

  • Light blue is associated with creativity.
  • Sky blue is very calming out of all shades of blue.
  • Dark blue resembles intelligence.

Blue as a whole signifies trust.

This certainly helps with customer loyalty.

We used Azure Blue. 

The Blue borrowed from the Globe depicts a calm and holistic environment among us, also keeping pace with technology at the same time.

The egg, inspired by incubation, is elegantly placed within the logo.

Its colour is borrowed from part yolk that represents an egg and part golden hue glow from Gold that symbolizes bright minds working at Webcubator Technologies.

As you can see, our 'W' stands upright in any 2-dimensional space that imitates a solid foundation for our own line of products that you will surely witness in a couple of months.

In short, developing a product in a holistic environment requires appropriate nurturing, care, and dedication, just like we keep an egg warm at the right temperature at all times.

After an extensive number of attempts, we arrived at our ultimate design that stays true to our roots while introducing many new aspects of Webcubator like ‘Incubation’.

We thank everybody for it.

Their sheer determination made it possible to give a new face to Webcubator.