Responsive Web

Putting multi-device experience for your service should be a critical priory. If your vertical services intersects on-the-move or mobile customer even by a small percentage, you need to give this design a serious thought. Mobile platforms will soon outgrow the Desktop population and your services need to be ready for the gear shift. It’s a constant boost of traffic for your site if the user can access the service from where they left off using their PC’s. Such conveniences often go viral and put your services on a global map.

Websites have grown way off from their initial inception of just providing the user with certain amount of information. Now they are way more interactive than ever thought of!

People visit all kind of places and experiences that they like to share on the go and if you allow or intersect your services with such roles you are in for a huge surprise. Your site just becomes a Beehive.

Everybody loves a flexible platform and stick to it for a longer duration of time even if they are not getting advanced services as compared to other service providers. This is a huge differentiator. Listen to the audience and buckle up for the wave!