Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a process of developing an intelligent and context aware website. It offers the capability to adapt the layout of the website automatically based on the different form factors, such as Smartphone form factor, Tablet size form factor or the Desktop size display. The adapted website is rich, responsive, appealing and informative for the end consumer.

Simply put responsive web design is capable of multiplying your potential audience by a factor of platforms available for accessing the web. It comprehends this massive achievement by a simpleton strategy of modularizing the very basis of design of your business application - resonating into a seamless experience on any platform.

Multi device user experience can culminate into a wonderful experience for the end user as he is not confined to any particular platform and has the freedom to access your application from anywhere and any device. Such user experience directly influences conversion and sales with unquestionable user loyalty. For a first hand experience, please visit / on desktop/mobile/tablet/smartphone.

Consider the example of how social networking is making way into our daily lives slowly but surely. They’ve devised clever means of accessibility to their network from anywhere and any device. Outcome? - they generate trillion bits of data and draw billions of people every single day! Think and inspire the aspirations of your business application.

Shouldn’t such a thing cost a whopper? Honestly its the opposite - whopper benefits as compared to the investment made. Considering that the future is truly mobile it benefits you much more, even in a shorter cycle. Envision this - your business application translated to 10 different languages at launch! How’d that translate for your numbers? You get the point, hopefully.

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